Friday, February 17, 2012

Mac n' Cheese

Simple things in life are good. Flowers, children's laughter, a new born puppy... How fucking cute!!!! I don't intend to sound crass, they are fucking cute, but come on, we all know life ain't that simple. Sometimes we need more in our lives, and to over emphasize this whole issue, I am going to compare these kiddies frolicking and puppies pooping to mac n' cheese.
Yes, mac n' cheese! The stuff we all love. Perhaps it comes in a blue box with a powdered cheese sauce in which you add your liquid of choice , the recommended 2% low-fat milk or a couple swings off that JD bottle you got left from last Fridays NASCAR rally, up to you. Maybe it's your mother's homemade version made with government cheese and last night's pasta a la leftover, souped into your favorite Green Lantern bowl. Which ever one it is, we love the shtuff. Simple carbs loaded with flavored fat curds. The epitome of American comfort food. Heart attack here I come! But this ain't the simple life and sometimes I don't want a quick velvety cheese sauce squeezed from some astronauts pouch. I want the real deal. A version I am proud to serve. I could call it "Penne a la Frommage" and charge $20 a plate for it to the unsuspecting suburbanite, I want a mac n' cheese that's good! Not, I just smoked a fatty good, rather.... "Eat me, WTF was that? Give me more..... SUBLIME!"
And I think I found it.
Now, entertain my thought here. Most of my ingredients are exactly what you will find in the recipe from a pretentious snooty classically trained chef, with one exception, it's sold in a big block of yellowish orange goo that will melt in your hand, and clog your arteries faster than rubberneckers choke rush-hour traffic.
Any guesses?
Yup! and there is only one reason for this. Mac n' cheese is an American icon. If I start adding Gruyere and Roquefort, well, that's just un-American. Your average blue-collar type will look at you like you've got two heads. My recipe boasts the ability to satiate your soul, appease the masses and just taste damn good!
   But this is only the teaser, check back soon for the details!

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