Sunday, February 19, 2012


The beauty of food is that everyone is doing it. Your choice of cuisine may be a simple grilled cheese or burger on the grill. You may have aspirations  of culinary genius, but no matter where your muse lay, food is truly that thing that binds us.

My own culinary journey began a long time ago. My mother would prop me up in the kitchen and let me assist with whatever concoction was simmering for that nights meal.  From there I have been blessed with a family of, what would be called "foodies" in society today.

 My Uncle Bob is probably one of the finest cooks I know. He was one of the first people to have a cooking show on TV. Then there is my Uncle Johnny who catered events. He would hire my brother and I to do the dishes, my foray into the food industry. My Step Mom, Carol , was making Babaganoush and Tandoori Chicken before it was cool. She then left a successful career to return to school and become a classically trained chef, again, before it was hip. And  what accolades would be complete with out good ol' Mom.

Propped up on the counter, intuitively learning the skills that would some day lead to marriage proposals from woman AND men alike, Mom did more than anyone could to make me the cook I am today. She instilled the happiness, solace and comfort that I find when I am in the kitchen and for that I am ever great-full. 

These people were some of my original inspirations, but I continue to be inspired by the likes of others out there. Chef's, cooks and foodies have sprung up to share their recipes, ideas and family treasures with everyone willing to seek there counsel. Yet with the plethora of sites available via the web I always seem to come back to a certain few. I have provided links to my favorite sites and those that continue to inspire me. Please check them out and let them know the Refined Swine sent you their way. I hope you are inspired and in the true spirit of a foodie, please share any of your favorites.


Here is a great source for recipes that are tasty and Jenny believes in the inherent goodness in our food to both heal and nourish us.

When I need inspiration, this is my go to site. Elise's recipes have always been amazing. I can't say enough.

Alejandra you may recognize from MasterChef. I have recently become friends with here via Twitter and her positive spirit and culinary skill awe's and inspires me.

Mike out at Green Akey farms is an awesome guy. I just joined his food co-op and he is doing some great things. These are the people that truly make the food world spin.

My last shout out will be to the Baltimore Farmers Market. This is the finest farmers market I have been to and they are there every week for 75% of the year. If you live in this area and you have never been, you are missing out!

Ok, remember, Life Don't Suck .... True story! and I will see you soon!

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