Monday, February 20, 2012


One of the few things I probably could not live without is coffee. Now I am not one of those who slumps out of bed and needs my joe before you can speak to me. I have not become an addict of caffeine. I actually will go days or even weeks without the stuff, but oh do I enjoy my coffee.

My infatuation with coffee started a long time ago. Not in some culinary moment of zen or a romantic interlude that ended with her offering me a cappuccino bedside after a night of passion. My entrance into the wondrous world of  that magical potion was a pragmatic one. 

While stationed in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm we were working 12+ hr days and coffee was my crutch. In a land where my beer is banned and wine is wicked, I sought refuge in a jolt of joe that pushed me through my long days. Mind you, back then I was drinking Army coffee. The stuff that songs are sarcastically sung, with references to mud and muck. Half a cup of milk and a ladle of sugar seemed the appropriate accoutrements to this wretched excuse for a beverage, but for the time being, coffee became a part of my morning routine.

 The years moved on and my palette became a bit more educated. The king of beers was replaced with a Belgium brew. Wine went from pink to purple and my java, well that took some time. The search for the perfect cup of coffee went on for years. Then I moved to Baltimore.

One hazy morning, my brother and I cruised down to the Baltimore Farmers Market.  My head was fuzzy, but the crisp morning air brought me about and I smelled a magical scent swirling through the crowd. I instantly knew that alluring aroma. My synapses fired in succession and B lined me toward that scent. Standing before me was a line of fellow fiends waiting to get their fill of what has now become my favorite purveyor of my morning potion, Zeke's coffee.

 A small roaster in Baltimore, these guys have  been in business since 2005, and they know what they are doing. They bring forth the exotic Kopi Luwak to their faithful followers, and dazzle us with their daily Arabica blends. Their retail shop is a quaint little shop that bekons you forth to stop and relax. I hope in your journeys you check out their site and perhaps order some of their joe. Perhaps you are in the area and stop in, either way, tell them you heard it here.


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